Print and Make Colors Flashcards

Printable preschool flashcards for learning colors and color word recognition.  Fun images for fun learning. Need: Heavyweight paper or standard paper Scissors What To Do: Print worksheet by clicking here for Printable Color Flashcards page 1. Print worksheet by clicking here for Printable Color Flashcards page 2. Cut apart into flashcards. By learning | Filed… Read More

Preschool Printable Counting Worksheet

This is an easy preschool worksheet.  Let the kids count the objects and then circle the proper number.  Numbers 1 to 4.  Click here to print the worksheet. By learning | Filed under Educational Printables, Numbers | Tags: counting, free, homeschool, kindergarten readiness, parents, preschool, printable, worksheet | Leave a Comment Share

Preschool Tracing Practice Worksheet

Let preschoolers practice their tracing skills with this fun worksheet.  They can help the little caterpillars get to their leaves.  Preschool Kindergarten readiness. Click  to print the Tracing Worksheet. By learning | Filed under Educational Printables | Tags: children, free, kids, kindergarten, practice, preparation, preschool, printable, school, tracing, worksheet | Leave a Comment Share

Vary Exercise for Physical & Mental Development of Your Child

Did you know that the more physical exercise your child gets, the more his brain develops?  Studies have shown that exercise actually helps further develop the areas of the brain that affect learning and memory.  Another good reason to limit time sitting around watching television or computer games.  Exercise also continues to help brain development… Read More

Help Your Preschool Child Learn the Basics of Math

We are surrounded by math.  Numbers are everywhere and there are opportunities all day long to help your preschooler learn the basic concept of math.  Simple things like counting objects or pointing out numbers on buildings or packages are enough to get started.  Try to incorporate some of these easy activities into your child’s life… Read More

How to Encourage Good Social Development in Your Child

One of the most important things you can do to help your child develop into a well-rounded individual is to nurture their awareness of self and how they interact with their peers and siblings.  This is very important to learn before entering Kindergarten.  Children should learn, at an early age, how to make simple choices… Read More

Help Your Child Develop Good Listening Skills

One of the most important skills you can help your child develop before attending school is how to be a good listener.  If a child is able to listen and pay attention to their teacher’s directions they will then be able to process the instructions and act on them. Music is extremely important during the… Read More

Create Your Child’s Early Learning Environment

Learning to use creative materials is one of the first ways a child expands his use of fine motor skills.  Children entering kindergarten need to know the basics of coloring and cutting with scissors.  As a parent, or caregiver, it is important to remember that you are providing the first learning experience for your child. … Read More

Shapes and Colors Preschool Worksheet

Help your child or class learn their shapes and colors.  This basic worksheet will help them master colors and shapes. Shapes and Colors Preschool- Kindergarten Worksheet By learning | Filed under Educational Printables | Tags: Coloring Worksheet, Educational Printable Worksheet, Free Educational Printables, Kindergarten Shapes Worksheet, Preschool Shapes Worksheet | Leave a Comment Share

How To Help Preschoolers With Their Speaking Skills

Children’s communication skills develop at varying rates.  We all know children that have started talking as early as 9 months and developed quite a vocabulary by age 3.  But just as likely, you know some children that didn’t start to speak until around age 2. No matter what age your child starts talking, there are… Read More