Create Your Child’s Early Learning Environment

Learning to use creative materials is one of the first ways a child expands his use of fine motor skills.  Children entering kindergarten need to know the basics of coloring and cutting with scissors.  As a parent, or caregiver, it is important to remember that you are providing the first learning experience for your child.  In order to stimulate and encourage a sense of excitement to this experience it is essential that you provide basic materials for this process of exploration.  Keep creative art supplies on hand at all times.  These can be kept in your Creative Art Box, or whatever you want to name it.

If possible, try to keep all creative supplies in one place so it will be easier for both the child and you to keep things organized.  Supplies need not be expensive and many things that are possible discards can be saved and used for projects, such as newspapers, magazines, old socks for puppets etc.  Remember that visits to a dollar store can provide some great and inexpensive fun, such as coloring and activity books and basic art supplies.

These are some of the things that will help any child with learning and exploration.

Crayons,  Pencils,  Markers,  Paint & paintbrush

Construction paper,  Plain white paper,  Newspaper

Scissors,  Glue

Play Dough,  Homemade Clay

Beads to String,  Feathers,  Pipe Cleaners

Puzzles,  Blocks,  Building Materials

Games,  Books,  Puppets

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