Beep Beep- Number Recognition Learning Game

Kids Learning Game- Kindergarten Readiness

Do you have a preschoolers getting ready for Kindergarten?  Or preschool students you are preparing for Kindergarten?  Then let them play these educational games to prepare and learn their letters, numbers, colors, and more. Beep Beep An Educational preschool game- Beep Beep to learn number recognition 1 to 10.  Click here for Beep Beep- Number… Read More

Number Recognition Game Archie the Anteater

Number recognition game

Archie the Anteater is a fun online game for preschool and Kindergarten learning.  Kids can practice their mouse skills while trying to get Archie to eat all the colorful ants.  As the number is announced, kids must move Archie around the screen, using the arrow keys. A great beginner game to help learn Number Recognition. … Read More

Teach Your Child to Follow Directions

Before a child starts Kindergarten, they should learn to follow directions.  They will have a much easier time transitioning to the classroom if you, as parent, have helped them learn to listen and follow simple directions.  Both your child and his teacher will greatly benefit from this exercise and there are many fun ways to… Read More

Fun Number Writing Activities

Playing games is often a fun way to help preschoolers learn basic concepts.  Rather than make it drudgery, make learning fun.  Both parents and teachers can help make learning fun when they think outside of the box and try some novel ideas to learning.  Kids will be much more receptive to learning new things when… Read More