Ways to Help Your Child to Get Ready for Reading

Some children are biting at the bit to learn how to read and other children could seem to care less.  But the sooner you can instill a “love of reading” into your child the more successful he will be at an earlier age.  But just like any habit that one develops, it is often nourished by the example someone has set.  Considering that parents are their child’s primary teachers until they start school, a parent can help their child develop an interest in reading.

How can you go about planting those reading seeds?

  • Look at books with your child and encourage him to look at his books while you look at yours.
  • Reread favorite stories with your child.
  • Point out and name objects in stories and pictures.
  • Read nursery rhymes together and point out how some words rhyme.
  • Let your child watch you write, letting him know you are writing words.
  • Look for “letters” everywhere you go.
  • Take your child to library storytime.
  • Check out books at your local library, making it a fun event.
  • Play games letting your child put 3 events in order.

Of course, there are many other activities you can create if you just consider that letters and words are everywhere.  Children feel such a sense of accomplishment once they start reading even a few words and once they get a taste of reading, they usually strive to read more and more.  Remember, however, that reading should be fun and enjoyable.  Let kids proceed at their own speed and they will soon find out the joy of reading by themselves.

by Sharon Pierce McCullough, author, illustrator and parent educator.

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