Help Your Child Develop Good Listening Skills

One of the most important skills you can help your child develop before attending school is how to be a good listener.  If a child is able to listen and pay attention to their teacher’s directions they will then be able to process the instructions and act on them.

Music is extremely important during the preschool years, as a child can process music even before they can process language.  Try to introduce all types of music to your child, including classical, country and pop music, not just kids music.

Other ways to help your child with his learning skills:

  • Listen to Stories
  • Play Rhyming games
  • Act out a Story
  • Imitate a Clapping pattern
  • Answer questions
  • Give them 2 step Directions to follow
  • Repeat easy Tongue Twisters
  • Play Simon Says
  • Play different Beats on a Drum or Pan

There are certainly lots of other fun things you can devise to help your child with listening.  Just be creative and make it fun.  Your child will have a much easier time once they start school and are in a classroom environment.

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