How to Encourage Good Social Development in Your Child

One of the most important things you can do to help your child develop into a well-rounded individual is to nurture their awareness of self and how they interact with their peers and siblings.  This is very important to learn before entering Kindergarten.  Children should learn, at an early age, how to make simple choices and solve simple problems.  They need to learn that everything isn’t about only them and that they need to be respectful of others.  They need to learn to share.

How can you help your child’s Social Development?

  • Arrange for play with other children
  • Let kids participate in conversations
  • Teach your child good Manners, especially Please and Thank You
  • Play Games with your child
  • Encourage completion of activities such as Puzzles and Worksheets
  • Teach your child to Share and Take Turns
  • Talk about Fears and Feelings – Puppet play is good for this
  • Let your child make Simple choices
  • Explain how Talking rather than Fighting can solve conflicts
  • Follow routines at home
  • Give your child simple Responsibilities (setting table etc.)
  • Make your child take responsibility for Cleaning up his own Toys
  • Teach your child to Solve easy Problems by asking questions

The most important part of social development is learning to interact with other people and knowing how to be respectful of those people, even your peers.  Unfortunately, some children are never taught to take responsibility and are never allowed to make their own choices.  These children grow up with a sense of entitlement and they struggle throughout life trying to make decisions.  Make the effort while your child is young to help them develop well socially as well as physically.

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