Books for Beginning Readers

Picture books are a fun way for kids to start reading.  The pictures encourage kids to figure out the words as they move through the story.  Although reading isn’t a skill necessary for Kindergarten readiness, many children pick up reading at a very early age.  Even if you have a child that isn’t interested in reading just yet, they can appreciate these adorable Picture books that can be read online.  One of the great features of these books from ZiggityZoom is the fact that you can turn the audio on or off.  So, if you have a child that is learning to read, after going through the story with audio just turn the audio off for future readings.

Check out the books at the link below.  There are picture books about Bunbun the Rabbit, Beakley the Bird, Princess Little, Pirates and more.  Learn Counting in Spanish and Colors in Spanish.  Read a cute book about Dragons and learn Kindness from Goodie Twoshoes.  There is also a fun online Halloween book, Christmas book and Easter book.  Kids can flip through the pages at their own speed.

Also, our resident author/ illustrator of Childrens Books, Sharon Pierce McCullough, has many more fun picture books for digital devices.  Check out the books for Nook, iBooks and other android devices, like Kindle, through Amazon.  iBooks can be found on iTunes.

Online Picture Books

eBook Picture Books on Nook

Kindle Picture Books

iBooks Picture Books

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