Learning Spanish for Kids Workbook- Spanish Fun with Bunbun

Spanish Worksheets for Kids- Learn Spanish - BeginnerLearn Spanish with Bunbun … printables, activities, Spanish & English vocabulary words, worksheets and games. Easy to read books in Spanish featuring Bunbun, our own original character.

teacher approved kindergarten workbooks

Spanish made fun for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second grade. Worksheets are provided to go along with each individual
sheet of new vocabulary words for a “matching” activity. We
have also provided some fun game ideas to help reinforce
learning the Spanish (or English) words. This packet of vocabulary words follows our Spanish for Kids packet that features basic words, months, days, numbers etc.

Packet includes:
54 Vocabulary words
– Body parts & worksheet
– Classroom object words
– Vocabulary associated with the 2 Bunbun Spanish books
8 Word Matching worksheets
2 coloring pages
Make a book activity (for both books)
Games to play
Bunbun at Bedtime (full story in color)
Bunbun the Middle One (in color)
– Each make your own book has Spanish & English translation
Bunbun chart with labeled body parts (Spanish & English)
Bunbun Body part worksheet to color & label.

This is a great packet for ESL, ELD, EFL and Homeschooling for learning Spanish as a second language.

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Thanks … Sharon and Kristin





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